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Stop Trying To Deflect Our Pain

You may not realize it but when you assert a - "well what about" in an argument discussing social justice you are attempting to discredit the other person's viewpoint.

Prime Example:

I was having a conversation about the police brutality and someone jumped in and said "Cops kill white people too" / No argument there but that's not what we were talking about and that small but powerful comment could have taken the wind out of my sails.

Here was my response(not verbatim):

Using examples of bad things that happen to white people during a discussion about Black Lives Matters as a counterpoint only hurts the BLM message; it’s just as detrimental as saying All Lives Matter. No one is disagreeing that bad things happen to white people too, but that’s not what this conversation is about.

For the most part, the whole justice system is set up to right the wrongs that happen to white people. It would be one thing if all that Black people had to worry about were bad cops, and the justice system had their back. But for us, the system isn't set up to help the Black population like that.

The stories we tell of police brutality, legal system horror stories, and incarceration tragedies are used to put a spotlight on what is going on in OUR community. You muddy that water when you insert some other groups' tragedy simply to try and force me to belittle what Black people go through.

We aren't telling these stories for our own pleasure but rather to force those who pretend the playing field is level, to come face to face with the racism that they say doesn’t exist.

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