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What Defunding The Police Mean To Me

Defunding The Police

There’s a meme going around about defunding the police. I’m not going to comment on the entirety of the meme instead I’d like to focus on a line/concept.

- Allow The Police To Focus On The Criminals -

That alone is a scary and problematic statement. No one has mentioned who the cops already think the criminals are. For the most part, it’s us, so leaving everything the same but giving them more time to patrol us won’t work in our favor.

So you’re going to give them more time to focus on Black and Brown skin but offer nothing in the way of changing their perception of us?

This is a system that needs to be dismantled and rebuilt. No matter what we call them conceptually, some form of “peace officer” “community officer” “police officer” will still be utilized and be demanded.

I have my ideas, which I’m sure will be met with resistance because we can’t please everybody and no one likes change.

So I would really love to know what YOU MEAN when YOU SAY defund the police.

Because just taking money away and giving them more time to focus on us won’t fix the racism.

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