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We Can Not Stop

Food For Thought:

Y’all realize that the only reason ANYTHING is changing AT ALL, is because we stood up and refused to accept the continuous deaths of Black people.

You by yourself may feel like there’s nothing you can do but when we all stand up and refuse to shut up, we literally move mountains❤️

We’ve affected legislation, we’ve forced companies, influencers, celebrities to confront their own racism and biases. We have moved Police Departments and Mayors to enact real change. We have had streets named in honor of BLACK LIVES MATTER.

WE are changing our world!!!!!! Please do not take your ball and go home, we still need you. WE have much, too much work to do all alone!

Stand with us and keep going forward, no matter how tired we are this is our world, NOT THEIR WORLD to change✊🏾

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