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I Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program!

Hey, as you know I'm in the midst of writing a three part series. I had decided to start working on the last part when a conversation with my daughter prompted me to put it aside and write about the College Admission scandal.

This is a topic that hits close to home. My middle daughter has spent her life working hard so that she could go to college. When high school came she secured herself a spot at one of the top Prep schools in the country.

Her Schools Ranking -

She worked hard and she did everything she could to prove she deserved to be there. Going to this school gave her leg up when it came to college's paying attention to her but it afforded neither her nor I any guarantees.

She was eventually accepted to a good college but it was not anywhere near her top choices. We accepted this as fact and moved on to the fun part, paying.

But when the scandal came to light, it brought up a whole new series of questions for our family.

This is why I decided to spend this weeks energies on writing about the impact that it had on my tiny little family.

Please come back and take a look on Thursday :)

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