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I Don't Care If You Don't Like Protestors - America Didn't Listen The First 400 Years

Many people have seemed to purposely lump protestors together for their own nefarious purposes. And this is starting to piss me off. The best way to discredit someone is to the "yeah but". The but is always the evil precursor to "let me tell you why you're wrong" and the looting has become the "yeah but" for those who oppose this moment in history

side note: looting has had a legitimate place in the black communities protests, and I will totally cover that some other time

Let me yell this for the people in the back - PROTESTING IS NOT ONLY LEGAL IT'S A FULL ON CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!!!!!

And I said PROTESTING, NOT LOOTING! So miss me if you’re gonna pop off about that. You don’t have to like it, you may hate protestors for deciding that taking to the streets to have their voices heard is a waste of your personal time 🤦‍♀️. IT DOESN’T MATTER. If people are protesting, Violent responses from the police are not the answer to your distaste for it. And if your only argument is that cops have every right to physically assault someone protesting near them, even though that person is doing nothing to threaten them, then well you’re an ass.


I have people in my life who are cops and if they assault or abuse someone like this, I will be the first one to protest them. Remember I only have the right to protest, Cops have the legal right to murder someone. So who’s truly disadvantaged?

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