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Introduction: Musings of a Mixed Chick

Before I say anything else, please keep in mind that I am a relatively happy,totally neurotic, mildly asthmatic, poorly adjusted, politically & socially cranky bi-product of an interracial marriage.

Not terribly special? Yeah that's true, but this is my story so if you're not interested you can kick rocks :)

I'm a Mother of three, a "Nina" (you call me G-Ma and I kick you dead in your shins) to one. I have lived a long life in a short time. I have gone from a homeowner to homeless and everything in between. I have watched some much of my life go by me, unable to hold on to the little things. But I have made sure that I never lost the ultimate goal; to figure out what I was put on this earth for.

Will this blog be terribly self indulgent, absolutely. But isn't that what a blog is for? We use this medium to talk through our issues, connect with those like us, educate those who refuse to understand and sometimes its simply to whine about a Kardashian.

Seriously? I'm talking about a Kardashian? They really do infiltrate every aspect of your daily lives!!!! but that's for another day.........

Please continue to come back because I promise I'll get better at this and based upon what my friends have said, I'm slightly interesting.

This was a beautiful day

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